On an annual level Sziliplast Kft manufactures nearly 1,000,000 shoe soles, 70 % of which are sold on foreign markets.
The instruments necessary for the manufacturing of our products are designed and produced in our own product development and instrument manufacturing division.
Our multi-decade activity has been characterized by aspiring for continuous improvement, quality and technological developments. Our company’s investment projects have been implemented through the tender systems of the Széchenyi Plan, the New Hungary Development Program and the New Széchenyi Plan.
Our goal is to provide innovative as well as reliable support for our partners.


  • 2014 Procurement of a 3D laser-scanner to support our engineering activity.
  • 2012 Procurement of a new CNC machine through the tender system of the New Széchenyi Plan.
  • 2009 We expanded our product spectrum with TPS and TPU material composition, high quality shoe soles and PA insoles.
  • 2008 Procurement of a PUR foaming machine through the render system of the New Hungary Development Program.
  • 2002 Our foaming factory was expanded with a new foaming machine through the tender system of the Széchenyi Plan.
  • 2001 As a result of growing consumer demand, a separate factory unit was constructed for the PUR foaming technology.
  • 1998 The foaming method was introduced, meaning the PUR technology. Purchase of the first PUR foaming machine with the support of the Széchenyi Plan.
  • 1997 Commencement of our own product development and instrument manufacturing division.
  • 1995 – 1997 Complete machine stock replacement: instead of the previous injection molding equipment, machines suitable for the manufacturing of multi-color shoe soles were procured.
  • 1995 Development of our own facility.
  • 1990 – 1995 Continuous market and capacity expansion.
  • 1990 As a result of the continuous expansion of our clientele, we moved into a larger rental property more suitable for our operation.
  • 1989 Owner/General Manager, Károly Horváth, established Sziliplast Gmk. Production commenced with a single injection molding machine and a single employee..