Plastic processing

Injection molding

Conforming to client requirements, in addition to TR raw materials generally applied in shoe manufacturing, we also work with high quality TPU and TPS granulates. Further applied material types: PA, PP, ABS, PST. 
We paint, polish and abrade our products manufactured by injection molding, according to request. 
By the conscious recycling of waste created during processing we reduce our environmental footprint.


The technological and physical characteristics of the systems applied by our company provide a broad range of processing possibilities during the manufacturing of footwear. We also devote special attention to the aesthetic appearance of the products manufactured by this technology, therefore we paint and polish our design soles according to request.
Applied material types:
  • polyether: a material flexible even at low temperature, with a rubber feeling touch
  • polyester: because of its lower specific weight it is the special material of summer footwear
  • compact system: it plays an important role in slip-resistance, on top of all this it provides an outstandingly wear resistant surface
  • midsole systems: light, soft foams that can increase the footwear’s sense of comfort
It can be stated about all of our materials that they are high quality and hydrolysis resistant.
In the course of our foaming processes we pay highlighted attention to protect the health of our employees. 
Thanks to our environmentally conscious management, we reduce the amount of waste created by this technology year after year, and depending on its type we recycle it.